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About us


Souki offers unique handmade accessories and clothing, created in Karachi, Pakistan. We create our very own patterns and designs for women of an exploratory nature; daring, colorful, easy-going and playful. Designated to travel all around the world, Souki is here to be worn by vibrant and sophisticated women longing to add unique pieces to their wardrobe. We believe handmade crafts have a touch of magic in them as they are rooted in tradition and not one piece is identical to another.

Our collection is handcrafted by local family tailors using traditional methods to create unique and colorful pieces. Each item is handmade, all fabrics & accessories are carefully selected which makes each Souki piece a unique piece. Behind each item is a story, a unique journey, and a rich heritage.

SOUKI Founders

Souki’s founders Pasquale Jansma and Sabina Ringers have a passion for production and development of clothing. Their work offers them the opportunity to travel extensively to different destinations with different cultures and traditions. Being exposed to such a mix of cultures fueled their interest in creating their own collection and a recent trip to Pakistan led to the birth of Souki.